Children, Youth and the Environment

Ryan the Rhino: The Story of Creation

Ryan The Rhino _smallAn illustrated Sunday School Resource on Caring for Creation from the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.


Ryan o Rinoceronte

RYAN-THE-RHINO-PORTUGUESEA história da Criação. Cuidando da Criação - um material para Escola Dominical


World Environment Day 2016, theme ‘Wild for Life’

World Env Day 2016_smallThis resource developed by Green Anglicans has liturgical material and a drama for use with children and youth.


World Environment Day 2017, theme ‘Connect with Nature’

WED-2017 A liturgy and drama developed by Green Anglicans, Anglican Church of Southern Africa


‘Let there be...Stuff?’

StuffA faith-based programme for Christian teens created by the Story of Stuff project and GreenFaith. 


Baked Alaska

Baked AlaskaThis series of seven ten-minute films shows performances by the Riding Lights Theatre Company. The films portray colourful, inter-connecting stories of humanity living with the wild, unpredictable effects of climate change. They are for use in schools and small groups and have accompanying teaching resources and PowerPoint presentations which explain connections between faith and environmental ethics, and look at the challenges faced by this generation about the future of the planet.

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Zerofootprint: Youth Calculator

Zero _footprintThe Zerofootprint Youth Carbon Calculator is a free carbon footprint calculation tool aimed at improving children’s carbon literacy. The calculator is in six language versions (English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu) and asks questions that enable a carbon footprint to be measured using local emission factors. Tips for reducing children’s carbon footprint and improving their general health are also displayed. At the end of the survey, the student’s carbon footprint is presented and compared to the world average footprint.

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Oceans of Plastic

ACEN_youth _turtle _plasticsSunday School material designed to help children understand the wonders of God’s oceans, the harm plastic causes and the actions we all need to take to protect the oceans and the creatures that live in them.