Season of Creation

From 1 September to 4 October each year many Anglicans use the Season of Creation – also known as  Creation Time – to pray and celebrate with creation, focus on the story of the Earth, and commit to a ministry of healing the Earth.

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Lent 2017

Water is a gift. Water is life.

During Lent we remember Jesus’ time in the wilderness facing challenge and temptation and reflect on God’s purpose in our own lives.

Our resources for Lent 2017 – a Carbon Fast and a series of Reflections on the Water of Life for the five Sundays of Lent and Palm Sunday – invite direct engagement with water justice issues and small steps, reducing actions that damage Creation.  

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Just Water

On and around 22 March 2017, the UN’s World Water Day, cathedrals and churches around the world will lift their voices to draw attention to our obligation to care for God’s sustaining gift of water in all its forms. Anglican cathedrals in Cape Town, London and Melbourne, and Trinity Church Wall Street in New York have partnered to produce and gather a raft of resources.

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Anglican Bishops for Climate Justice

Bishop Nick Drayson, Diocese of Northern Argentina in the Anglican Church of South America, on climate change, deforestation, and giving the Indigenous people of the Chaco region a voice.


The Environmental Church Calendar

Resources for Advent, Lent and the Season of Creation.

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Anglicans and COP21 Paris 2015

Resources for Anglicans and COP21 Paris 2015

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The Church, Our Faith and Sustainable Energy

Working together for a sustainable future.


More Liturgical Resources

Liturgical texts from around the Anglican Communion.


Children, Youth and the Environment

Publications for working with youth and children.


ACEN Document Library

ACEN publications and documents on climate change and sustainability.