ACEN Reports

Crisis and Commitment: Final Report, Lima Statement and Action Plan of the Anglican Communion Environmental Network Meeting in Lima, Peru, 4 to 10 August 2011

front_coverCreation is in crisis. This was the conclusion of ACEN's meeting in Lima, Peru, in August 2011, where participants from around the Communion reported accelerating impacts from human-induced climate change and environmental degradation in their regions and took the opportunity to experience firsthand some of the environmental challenges faced by the people of Peru. Their report describes the extent of the global crisis together with examples of environmental mitigation, 'greening' and good practice in our churches and communities. The report includes theological reflection and urges Anglicans everywhere to seek environmental justice and to challenge and transform individuals and systems that spoil the earth, affect local communities adversely, and refuse to imagine a different kind of global community. It also sets out ACEN's own commitments and action plan as the Network seeks to support Anglicans in responding to the crisis.

Reports to ACC and Standing Committee

 ACEN report to ACC-15, Auckland, October 2012

 ACEN report to the Standing Committee, London, December 2009

 ACEN report to ACC-14, Jamaica, May 2009

Canberra Australia April 2005

The environmental network conference of the Anglican Communion meeting in Canberra, Australia , April 2005 was the second global Anglican conference on the environment and the first meeting since becoming an official network of the Anglican Communion. The focus of our meeting was the challenge posed by global climate change…More

Johannesburg South Africa September 2002

Anglican delegates from 21 provinces along with representatives of the Church of the Province of Southern Africa, and representatives from the ACC and other networks of the Anglican Communion met at the Good Shepherd Retreat Centre near Johannesburg, South Africa, in preparation for the World Summit on Sustainable Development…More

Other Reports

 Creation Care and Common Good, Democratic Republic of Congo, July 2013

 (Traduction française) Soin de la Création et le Bien Commun

Environmental awareness and creation care are new topics for the general population in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), in spite of the fact that DRC is one of the world's most naturally-resource rich countries in the world. This report has been written by students of the Université Chrétienne Bilingue du Congo/Christian Bilingual University of Congo (UCBC) in Beni, Nord Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo.